BBC Hides A&E Doctor’s Union Activist Background

The BBC is back to old tricks. While covering ongoing NHS strike ballots, they bought in Andrew Meyerson, introduced simply as “an accident and emergency doctor in London”. 

Andrew isn’t just a doctor. He’s also a prolific union activist.

It only takes a brief flick through Andrew’s social media to find evidence of his Corbynista credentials. From posing with Mick Lynch and members of Labour’s parliamentary Socialist Campaign Group (and Barry Gardiner); to promoting both Novara Media and Momentum content and posting a protest sign with the thoughtful slogan “Piss off Rishi”. Hardly an objective commentator…

Andrew’s segment was filled with all the talking points you might expect. He called for a wealth tax, he made the claim that the government had failed to listen to a single health expert, and then catastrophised over four separate NHS “crises”.

His views, however questionable, are not the issue. The problem is that the BBC presented a partisan activist simply as an ordinary working professional. As always, transparency is key…

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