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Unlike Liz, who entered No. 10 having had months to prepare for government, Rishi enters with a bare bones SpAd team. Many of those SpAds who were seconded to Rishi’s campaign over the summer – and subsequently lost their jobs when their bosses were fired – are not wanting to return after discovering the higher salaries and lower stresses of the private sector. As things stand, SW1 is expecting Rishi to enter Downing Street with his original cohort of core Treasury SpAds:

  • Chief of Staff Liam Booth-Smith
  • Press spinner Nerissa Chesterfield
  • Rupert Yorke
  • Douglas McNeil
  • Digital wizz Cass Horowitz
  • Eleanor Shawcross Wolfson
  • James Nation
  • Oliver Dowden’s Lucy Noakes

Rishi also had James Nation and Lisa Lovering SpAdding for him by the time he quit as Chancellor, and Simon Clarke’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury advisor Olivia Oates was blocked from continuing by Liz’s Downing Street over accusations she wasn’t loyal enough. Thankfully a departing No. 10 source tells Guido Sheridan Westlake has not been seen packing his desk up…

A team Liz source also observes that for a politician who got to where he is today off the back of very slick online graphics and videos, the current No. 10 digital team is expected to be culled. Close Liz allies like Reuben Soloman, Digital Video SpAd Jonny Piper, Digital Content SpAds Andrew Wong & Hayley Richardson and even long-time No. 10 photographer Andrew Parsons all face the chop, with the Treasury’s photographer Simon Walker expected to replace Parsons. At least Jason Stein was reinstated so he gets his payout…

Any SpAds who get a golden ticket to No. 10, let Guido know here

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