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In the interests of kinder, gentler sketching Guido can only say that Yvette Cooper made a pig’s ear of her urgent question. It was an attractive pig with endearing qualities, but a pig’s ear is a pig’s ear.

She – Yvette – wanted to unpack the outgoing Home Secretary’s various unsympathetic policies and she listed them at length. Migrant boats and Rwanda sort of thing. But Brendan Clarke-Smith wasn’t paying attention. He wasn’t even taking notes. He couldn’t remember all the questions she was asking, surely? He didn’t have to. None of it was his business because he wasn’t from the Home Office. The Home Secretary had been fired for infringing the ministerial code. The ministerial code was the responsibility of the Cabinet Office. He was from the Cabinet Office and had no view on migrants, boats, flights to Rwanda or pigs’ ears, come to that.

It was a rare display of governmental competence. They managed to say nothing of interest, and say it convincingly. It’s a low bar but they cleared it comfortably. Is this the start of a Conservative revival? There’s a wee way to go, if it is. 

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