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As the Tories languish 30 points behind Labour, and Tory MPs mull snubbing party members of their right to choose a replacement PM, we can only assume how bad things would be for the party were Nigel Farage still on the scene as a prominent political force. In the meantime Reform UK boxes on, with Richard Tice recently announcing his intention to fight for Hartlepool at the next election.

Guido can reveal that in the 48 hours before close of play yesterday afternoon, the old Brexit Party received almost 1000 new £25 membership sign-ups. That new five-figure cash boost was joined by 300 members registering a new interest in standing as a party candidate at the next election. The first time the Tories dipped below Labour in the polls – September 2021 – Reform saw one in 10 Tory voters switching to them. Can they continue capitalising on Liz’s woes?

A Reform UK source tells Guido:

“Since Saturday evening the systems have lit up like Blackpool lights.

In the Red Wall, Reform are polling equal to the Lib Dems and Greens combined. And that’s without media coverage.

Who knows what might happen if the fourth estate raised their eyes from the Westminster hall of mirrors?”

It’s not just Reform benefitting from the dire state of No. 10. Last night the LibDems revealed five new donors, each giving £50,000 to the party, one of whom is a former Tory donor. While the last 36 hours have been calmer for Truss, it does feel like the ship has sprung one too many leaks to be repaired by a strong PMQs performance…

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