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Back in April, Jeremy Corbyn announced an exciting venture for his Peace and Justice vanity project: a fancy new book called Why We Are Socialists. Jeremy wouldn’t actually write it himself, presumably because explaining why anyone is a socialist proved too difficult. Instead, he asked his supporters to do it for him – for free. They’d send in their own “short biographies“, and he’d pick the best, alongside former LOTO staffer Barry James. Unpaid workforce successfully exploited, the book would then release in September, with pre-orders immediately available for the humble price of £9.99…

It’s now mid-October. Where is the book? The website link is now dead. The Twitter account has been deleted. The whole project has vanished into thin air…

His followers were, quite rightly, furious. Just days ago, one comrade/customer revealed she had written her excerpt, handed over her cash, and heard absolutely nothing from the Peace and Justice Project since:

“I have emailed PJP, sent PJP a message on their Facebook page twice, tweeted to both PJP & Mr Corbyn asking when the book will be delivered and have received NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. This is how you treat supporters?!”

Unfortunately for Lynda, apparently the whole thing has been postponed until at least “next year“. A spokesperson for the Peace and Justice Project claimed to Guido:

“I’ve asked around about this and the payments for the book are being refunded and the book should be available to buy again next year. Refunds are also currently being processed. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Why it was cancelled postponed, and why it’s taken so long to send refunds is anyone’s guess. Maybe demand was just so high it takes a long time to process the orders. Maybe…

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