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This weekend, the Sunday Mail published details of sectarianism accusations within the Glasgow SNP group, who have been in control of the city for five years. SNP Councillor Feargal Dalton accused his own colleagues of being both anti-Catholic “bigots” and provisional IRA sympathisers in a leaked memo. Dalton also claims he was threatened with sanctions over his refusal to support a motion describing abortion as healthcare. Considering Glasgow has had issues with sectarian tensions, this is hardly setting a good example from the city’s leadership… 

Guido’s found further evidence of sectarianism within the council. Not least from Alexander Belic, Councillor for Southside Central, who freely uses the term “hun”, a sectarian term of derision against protestants. His Twitter account is followed by the First Minister…

Amongst other evidence of the underlying nature of Glasgow City Council’s SNP members, Councillor Ruari Morris accuses the UK government of funding “sectarian death squads” in Northern Ireland. He also speaks extensively about the issue of anti-Catholic bigotry, a noble cause, whilst staying completely silent on anti-protestant bias. Feargal Dalton, who made the aforementioned accusations, himself contributed to a memorial for Easter Rising veterans. He made sure to highlight the distinction between the Irish Republican Brotherhood and the IRA.

Will he claim to be present but not involved?

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