Sketch: Lost, Lonely PM Addresses Nation mdi-fullscreen

She peeked round the door before she came into the room. Was she making sure she was in the right place? That she was amongst friends? It was a shy little entrance. She was tremendously alone.

Then she did that walking thing she does, and mounted the stage. She didn’t fall over. She stood behind the Jenga lectern and said a few things you’ll see on the news. Growth, opportunity, that sort of thing.

She spoke at dictation speed and I see she said, “Mke sure we have eco stab.” And “Always act in the nat. int.” And, “I am abs det to c thru wot I prom.”

She suggested that her great friend, the former chancellor was as determined as she to c thru wot they prommed.

Dear Lord. It is unspeakable.

No one has experienced anything like it.

Had I been called, I would have saluted her courage, her strength, her indefatigability and asked how long this crashing clown car could keep tumbling and turning and screeching before killing all its screaming passengers?

She would have answered that growth and opportunity to the end of her promise to the stability British.

How bad can it get? This is IDS, the ERM and the Winter of Discontent all whisked up with zombies. How can it get any worse?

Oh, if you ever think things can’t get any worse – remember it’s just a failure of the imagination.

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mdi-account-multiple-outline Liz Truss
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