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The race for selection to the top Labour target of Kensington, the fifth most marginal seat in the 2019 election, has generated widespread discontent about externally imposed candidates, with much ire focussed on Mete ‘Iron Man’ Coban.

The local party wants a local candidate and Mete is Hackney Labour, with no links to Kensington. The perception is that he’s being elbowed in by senior Labour figures, including Sadiq Khan. He’s clearly learnt from showbiz Sadiq’s emphasis on image over substance…

One local frontrunner is Emma Dent Coad, who co-conspirators will remember as the former Corbynista MP. Despite only serving for two years, she made quite the impression with offensive, inflammatory and outright conspiratorial antics. No doubt Sir Keir would rather keep her away from Westminster. Guido isn’t surprised she’s a favourite of the Royal Borough’s champagne socialists…

Local councillors are publicly conflicted over the increasingly febrile selection battle, with one saying they “will accept no substitutes” for Dent Coad and another criticising Dent Coad supporters for trying to “split labour”. The Labour left were all for entryism, not so much now it’s working against them…

The crowded pack contains a number of other curious characters. Joe Powell is a former US lobbyist leaning heavily on his Obama connections. While Salman Shaikh boasts of serving as an advisor to a Qatari Sheikha on his CV. Irrespective of which candidate wins, the losers will be Kensington voters.

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