WATCH: Liz Unleashes on Britain’s “Anti-Growth Coalition”

Liz has just wrapped up her Conference speech. While it was mostly by-the-numbers, barring Greenpeace’s little stunt, there was one particualrly punchy moment that stood out:

“I will not allow the anti-growth coalition to hold us back… Labour, the LibDems, the SNP, the militant unions, the vested interests dressed up as think tanks, the talking heads, the Brexit deniers, Extinction Rebellion, and some of the people we had in the hall earlier… the fact is, they prefer protesting to doing. They prefer talking on Twitter to taking tough decisions… [they] peddle the same old answers. It’s always more taxes, more regulation and more meddling. Wrong, wrong, wrong!”

Expect to hear that line plenty more times over the next few months…

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