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Lee Anderson speaking to a bunch of young Conservatives was always going to provide a week’s worth of headlines for the Daily Mirror, and Lee didn’t disappoint. During the hour-long chat, we heard his views on how “do-gooders” run food banks, that the economy will only really be in trouble when Wetherspoons is empty, that he’d like to be minister for small boats, and that Brexit Steve is the worst part of his job, promising Guido co-conspirators he’s already got another put-down prepared. Though he claims he doesn’t stay awake at night coming up with them…

The most amusing moment from the fringe session was Lee Anderson’s anecdote about battling nuisance-making Romani travellers back when he was a Labour councillor. Reporting that his council were so ineffective he gave up and borrowed a mate’s JCB to drop boulders in the entrance to the field…

“During the time I was a Labour councillor we had a problem with the travelling community. They kept coming back to the same place all the time and we had a particular beauty spot where they’d come with a couple of vans and they would just completly trash the place; there was feaces lying about, kids’ nappies, they be out thieving, stealing your pets, buring copper at night time, just being a pain in the arse…”

Guido will let Lee explain the rest of the story. During the session he also said one of the worst parts of the job was having to watch what he says. That he’s ever considered watching what he says will come as a major surprise to his whip…

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