Workers Overthrow “Capitalist” Bosses in Co-op Revolution at The Canary mdi-fullscreen

¡Viva la Revolución! Away from the noise of Tory Conference, comrades over at the far-left The Canary have staged a coup against their evil capitalist overlords and installed a “worker-owned cooperative“. All previous shareholders of Canary Media Limited have been given the boot, and the new Canary Workers Co-op is now calling the shots:

This week, we are relaunching the Canary as a worker-owned cooperative. This means that all decisions will be made by the workers from now on. There will be no bosses, and everyone will get paid the same for a day’s work. We aim to be an example of radical democracy in action. The Canary has adopted a ‘sociocracy’ structure. It should have been like this from the beginning […] It’s shocking that a media organisation set up to do “courageous”, “campaigning journalism” on the side of the oppressed was set up with a rigid hierarchy and inequality in pay and conditions between the workers and the bosses.”

Now the 15 staff running the show say they are facing “tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid VAT” and National Insurance contributions left behind by the “chaotic and collapsing” previous leadership. They are now promising a “horizontal structure” where everyone receives the same £12-per hour salary. The revolution will be publicised…

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