Labour Suddenly Upset By Tax Cuts Again

Guido’s old enough to remember all the way back to April, when Sir Keir would use every opportunity in front of a camera to attack the Tories for their “70-year high tax burden“, and promise to do things differently. At the time, those “15 Tory tax rises” were an outrage. Here’s what he said five months ago when Rishi raised NI contributions:

“We’re in the middle of the worst cost of living crisis for decades, and people are really struggling. Just last week, energy bills went up by hundreds of pounds, and today the government chooses to increase taxes on working people. And this isn’t the first rise from this Chancellor. We’ve had 15 tax rises, if you can believe it, from this Chancellor. So we’ve now got the highest rate of taxation for 70 years… it’s hitting lots of working people and it’s hitting businesses.”

Today, Kwasi reverses the National Insurance rise and finally reduces the tax burden across the board. Almost all those tax rises Starmer was so upset by are about to be undone. So what was Labour’s response? “This is casino economics – gambling the mortgages and finances of every family in the country. It is reckless, and it is irresponsible.” About the only policy Labour have actually proposed themselves is… a windfall tax. 

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