‘Just Stop Oil’ Eco Loons Apologise for Dumping Plastic Waste on Farmland

A farmer in Warwickshire has shared the aftermath of a Just Stop Oil protest on his land, showing dozens of plastic bottles, chairs, bags and rubbish left strewn across his hedgerow after the loons attempted to tunnel under a road to the Kingsbury Oil Terminal last week. Yes, the same mob who chain themselves to petrol pumps to stop fossil fuels and plastics from “killing us”…

The farmer, Charles Goadby, blasted the protesters for the “absolute mess” they’d left behind and demanded an explanation:

“What I want to know from someone senior at Just Stop Oil – how can you  justify this? People dumping cr*p over our British countryside, polluting it, destroying our countryside and putting our wildlife at risk with rubbish. How can you justify this and tell me this is acceptable?’ 

To which Just Stop Oil responded by apologising and promising to help tidy up their own mess:

“The farmer is right to be angry, Just Stop Oil is sorry that the site was not cleaned up, this is now being organised. The area should have been cleaned, so that the land, people and wildlife are protected.”

Nothing to say on the fact they relied on all that oil-derived plastic in the first place though. Just ignore that.

UPDATE: Guido understands that Scarborough Labour councillor Theresa Norton was amongst those involved. Despite her prior lunacy landing her in the clink, Scarborough’s Labour group has allowed her to retain the whip as a “valued” member. Talk about party discipline…

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