Radio Silence from James Harding Over CCHQ Judicial Review Threat mdi-fullscreen

Guido’s still waiting with bated breath for any updates on James Harding’s twice repeated threat to go to law to force the Tories to reveal their membership voting data. It’s been just over two weeks since Tortoise Media warned CCHQ they were planning to initiate a Judicial Review over the Party’s refusal to answer questions about its membership, and since then, it’s all gone quiet. In Harding’s defence, a lot has changed in world since then, so maybe he forgot he ever sent the letter. Or maybe it just got lost in the post.

Then again, Harding’s also yet to respond to Guido’s own pre-judicial review letter, so it’s possible he’s got a lot of admin to get through first. Guido looks forward to hearing from him soon. The world is waiting…

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