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Any families with a bit of spare time this weekend, or looking for that perfect Christmas bonding activity, are in luck. The European Commission has launched its own 110-page quiz and accompanying board game focused entirely on itself and its benevolent dear leader Ursula von der Leyen. Yes, 110 pages.

The quiz booklet, available now, features 101 sections and is the perfect brain teaser for any budding europhiles. It’s also open to players of all ages, with questions such as “What is the aim of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation?” and “Can you name one of the six political priorities of the von der Leyen Commission?” Sure to provide hours of fun for all those children out there with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the European Green Deal Investment plan…

Just imagine your child waking up on Christmas day, wide-eyed with excitement for what Sinterklaas has in store for them under the tree, only to find themselves answering questions like:

  • By 2030, by what percentage should the use of fertilizers be reduced?
  • What is the total amount of the EU’s long-term budget for 2021-2027 (in current prices)?
  • Trafficking in human beings remains a serious threat in the EU despite progress achieved in the past years. Victims are mainly women and girls trafficked for sexual exploitation. Roughly what percentage of victims do women and girls account for?

The winner is the first to reach the finish line, or give up and go outside…

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