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We have now reached what might be the zenith of Green Party NIMBY-ism. They’ve opposed HS2; they’ve opposed Sizewell C; they’ve even opposed building solar panel farms. Now a Green Party councillor in Norwich has opposed plans for a vegan restaurant… on the grounds that it “will increase footfall and is inappropriate.” Through the looking glass…

The councillor, Ash Haynes, is objecting to Erpingham House’s plans to serve alcohol until 2 am and to host live music even though the premises is already open until 2am anyway, and police have made it clear they have no issue with it. The restaurant themselves have released a statement pointing out they’re not exactly a nightclub:

The application is for exactly the same hours that the business has always had. In almost five years since opening we have not received a single complaint about noise or otherwise. We are a plant-based restaurant that occasionally hosts events, not a nightclub. It was an administrative error that saw our license not be renewed in the necessary time period.”

A vegan restaurant hoping to sell a few shandies later into the evening. There are oil companies who have done less to frustrate the environmental agenda than the Green Party of England and Wales…
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