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GB News have announced a major shakeup of their line-up this week, coming into effect from Monday. All shows during the afternoon session are being replaced by rolling news coverage, meaning Gloria De Piero and Liam Halligan are losing their daily shows. In lieu, De Piero will be co-hosting a new weekday show alongside former Sky presenter Mark Longhurst; Liam Halligan will be having to set his alarm earlier as he will pop up on show-to-show as their Economics Editor. The channel is spinning this as expanding their cost-of-living crisis coverage.

Tory MP power couple Esther McVey and Philip Davies are getting a new show on Fridays, in addition to their current Saturday morning output; clerical culture war crusader Calvin Robinson is to present a new show on Saturdays; and former Telegraph assistant comment editor Olivia Utley has joined as a political reporter.

Two big names, however, are out for good: star presenter Colin Brazier is out, rumoured to have a new television project in the offing. Brazier was announced alongside Simon McCoy and Alastair Stewart, leaving just the latter still at the station. Former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips is also out. Despite rumours last night, Guido is assured Darren Grimes is still at the channel…

One insider tells Guido the move is a decent one, allowing people to tune in for breaking news rather than endless monologues – the same model as Fox News or Sky News Australia, with more mainstream breakfast content and live coverage during the day, then editorials in the evening. Though some staff, they admit, have had their noses put out of joint…

All these changes are about the channel shifting towards more rolling news-focused coverage and away from punditry. Broadcasting rules mean news and views can’t be mixed within shows, hence why GB News currently present headlines at the top of the hour, using separate news readers to their star presenters. Back when Andrew Neil launched the channel, he promoted it as being built around “anchors and news programmes rather than rolling news”. Now, just after its one-year anniversary, Angelos Frangopoulos has other plans…

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