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Plaid Cymru councillor, Jon Scriven, has added border enforcement to his list of job responsibilities, alongside bin collection and potholes. In a since-deleted post on Facebook, Scriven was seen brandishing a firearm on a beach at Ogmore-by-Sea, and threatening to shoot any English people who might dare cross the channel. It was deleted yesterday after having been up for a fortnight.

Shortly after Guido called the Plaid Cymru press office, Scriven posted a hasty apology to Facebook for “any offence caused”. A classic…

Perhaps Councillor Scriven should think more Caerphilly about his social media content in future…


UPDATE: Plaid Cymru have now confirmed that Scriven has been suspended “pending investigation”.

UPDATE IIGuido has heard that Gwent Police have opened an investigation into hate crimes and firearms offences, following a referral from South Wales Police. This is clearly an over-the-top reaction to a bad taste joke. An apology should suffice. 

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