Rishi’s Second McDonald’s Faux Pas

Rishi’s just wrapped up a cosy This Morning interview on ITV, with the presenters lightly grilling him on inflation, tax cuts, and the far more substantive question of his McDonald’s order yesterday. Despite failing to probe Rishi on Guido’s allegation that his contactless payment photo was faked for Instagram, he was at least asked for his go-to order:

“I was there at about, gosh, 7.45 in the morning so it was not a burger and nuggets! I get bacon roll with ketchup and the pancakes.

“- Hashbrowns?”

I didn’t yesterday but if I’m with my daughters then we get the wrap. My eldest daughter, we get the wrap so if I’m with her that wrap with the hashbrown and everything in it is what we do.”

There’s just one problem with this anecdote, leaving Rishi with egg on his face: McDonald’s haven’t served the breakfast wrap since March 2020, when they massively slimmed down their menu during Covid. They then formally discontinued the wrap in January this year. Rishi must really try and ketchup with the chain’s menu developments…

Rishi’s always presented himself as a Cameroon and now he’s fallen into the same trap Dave, when the PM recalled last buying a pasty from Leeds train station despite the chain having closed down some years prior. What a pair of silly sausages…

UPDATE: Team Rishi get in touch with a defence:

“Given he’s barely seen his kids in the last 2 and half years since he became chancellor it’s not beyond the wit of man that he hasn’t had a Mcdonald’s with them in that time”

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