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Last night’s Pippa Guardian scoop, that Liz Truss once said British workers need “more graft”, was pretty, well, meh. Other than doing well on Twitter and being unsurprisingly commented on by countless Labour politicians, it was never going to change the dial of the leadership race. Especially when – without any polls – Guido suspects the majority of Tory MPs and members probably agree with Liz.

Among those leading the attacks were Angela Rayner and David Lammy. Lammy slammed his Foreign Secretary counterpart saying The country deserves better than @trussliz. We need a Labour PM who treats the British public with respect.” Guido was surprised to see David Lammy talk of treating the British public’s supposed propensity for hard graft with respect. It wasn’t that long ago the part-time MP, part-time LBC host slammed the government for not letting in enough Eastern Europeans to pick our fruit – something British workers would obviously never be able to do.

Perhaps if Lammy’s office knew the meaning of graft they wouldn’t have forgotten to register 16 paid speaking gigs in his register of interests…

Rayner too was on Liz’s case, tweeting “Levelling Down Liz talking Britain down again. Her true colours shining through.” It’d be a shame if Rayner herself hadn’t helped make Truss’s point during a recent interview from a protest…

To be fair, Angie is a grafter: she’s got half a dozen job titles left over from Sir Keir’s last botched reshuffle…

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