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Rayner’s decided to make her homelife rather awkward by wholeheartedly backing Sir Keir’s decision to sack boyfriend Sam Tarry from the frontbench over his decision to join the picket line. Speaking in Edinburgh, she’s told the press her boss was “completely within his rights” to choose his shadow team and she respects his decision in this case. That’s going to make for uncomfortable scenes at the dinner table tonight…

“Keir Starmer is the leader of the Labour Party. It’s completely within his rights to choose his front bench and he has the right to do so. And that’s between him and his front bench.”

“It’s not unsual for the leader of the Labour Party to decide who his front bench is. That’s his decision and I respect that he has the right to make that decision.”

Still, at least her next meet-up with Tarry will be less frosty than her reception in Edinburgh. This same trip over the border saw climate protestors break into an Iain Dale Fringe interview with Angie and proceed to shout about Labour not backing a green new deal:

So far this week we’ve seen the climate nutters from ‘Green New Deal Rising’ making spectacles of themselves in Edinburgh and Eastbourne. Funnily enough, we’ve not seen them pop up anywhere outside of their lovely middle class homelands yet…

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