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On Sunday Guido tweeted that Rishi’s then-to-be announced U-turn was so big it could be seen from space. Immediately Team Rishi texted to argue it was not a U-turn, it was consistent with his stated policy. However Guido’s memory is not playing tricks. Only a week or so ago, Team Rishi was briefing the FT and Guardian that Truss’s tax cuts were unfunded and that he would not be matching them – now he’s not only matching them, he’s raising the ante. A week is a long time in politics…

Guido thought the straight talker who objected to fairy tales was changing his story on tax cuts. No, says Rishi today, these will be funded by the surpluses forecast by the OBR. What? Didn’t Rishi in a debate criticise Liz for relying on the £30 billion of fiscal headroom the OBR was forecasting for next year? Now he wants to rely on a 7 year forecast going out past the next election to finance incremental tax cut promises? That looks like a U-turn you can see from space…

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