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Guido stands in solidarity with Owen Jones. He’s right to say Starmer misled the Labour membership. He’s right to say Starmer ran a dishonest campaign. If the Tories can’t get away with using the pandemic as an excuse to break policy pledges, neither can Sir Keir…

So Guido raises his fist in solidarity with Owen. While he claims “most of the media” aren’t covering Starmer’s volte face, he can be assured Guido has and will again. The only people happy to sit back and watch Starmer run roughshod over his own promises are the Waitrose-shopping hardline centrists, because they happen to agree with him on everything. Case in point: David Aaronovitch.

Aaronovitch is claiming “every intelligent observer” knew Starmer was going to do this from day one, so it’s… fine:

Aaronovitch’s clairvoyance should be used for good. Maybe he can help Guido with this week’s lottery numbers. The fact that Starmer’s ten pledges promised Corbynite policies is irrelevant: he said one thing, and then almost instantly did another. How can voters trust he won’t revert to his Corbynite agenda after again conning voters in a general election?

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