LISTEN: Starmer Admits He’s Scrapped His Ten Leadership Pledges mdi-fullscreen

Sir Keir has finally admitted his 10 leadership pledges, signed on the dotted line just two years ago, have bitten the dust. They’re still available on his website as a relic of times gone by, for the morbidly curious…

Appearing on the Today Programme just now with Nick Robinson, Starmer claimed – before losing signal halfway through his answer – that changing circumstances meant his solemn promise to reheat Corbynism is off the cards. Although in his own defence, he adds he’s at least being “transparent” about it:

“A lot has happened in the last two years. We’ve been through Covid, we have debt on a scale we’ve not seen for a long long time… and when we go into the next election, making choices…

Finally Robinson asked Starmer, “you’re saying there are things you promised when you ran for leader, that because of changed circumstances you are now not promising”. Starmer responded:

“Yes Nick, the financial situation has changed. The debt situation has changed.”

Tories may be interested to see this new defence from Starmer. Back in September last year when they announced the NI rise, he didn’t seem too keen on allowing the government to use the pandemic as an excuse for breaking election promises…

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