Rishi’s Vote Leave Campaigning Finally Dug Out

The bizarre situation we see in this Tory leadership election – that Rishi (a Leaver) seems to be coming across as a Remainer, and Liz (a Remainer) has established herself as the hardline Leaver – isn’t going away any time soon. When Rishi put out a video digging at Truss’s Remain campaigning, the slick attack ad had a noticeable absence: No photos or videos of Rishi campaigning for Brexit…

There’s no doubt Rishi did back Leave, though was very quiet during the campaign. Rishi says this is logical: he was a completely unknown northern MP, only in the Commons for a year, and probably wasn’t high up on Matthew Elliot’s list of red bus passengers. His detractors claim while he, on balance, was a Leaver, he deliberately kept his head down to avoid any future impediment to his career under PM Cameron. To be fair, he wrote articles for his local papers and held hustings for farmers.

Now, finally, after days of bugging Team Rishi to prove they had any footage or photos connecting him to Vote Leave, said footage has emerged. It’s unlikely to make a difference, though it does beg the question why didn’t Team Rishi find it and get it out sooner?

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