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An unstoppable political force has met an immovable broadcasting object, as Tory Labour MP Christian Wakeford makes his Twitter Bitch Fight debut against series veteran Piers Morgan. A culture war clash of the ‘titans’…

The opening bell rang when Piers decided he wanted some attention. With the England Women’s football team beating Spain last night, Morgan spotted his chance:

Of course, Wakeford swallowed this planet-sized bait whole, wading in to teach Morgan a lesson in civility and inclusive language by calling him “a pathetic d*ckhead”:

Having found an opponent with enough time on their hands to bother replying, Morgan immediately shot back:

Wakeford still had plenty of fight in him, hitting Morgan where it hurts… his viewership:

Ooof. Of course, Piers wasn’t about to back down either:

A “ludicrous twerp“. What a haymaker. Still, Wakeford kept the fight going by revealing he can’t actually count:

Realising there were in fact 22 women on the pitch last night, not 11, Wakeford gave it another go, although he still hasn’t yet responded to Piers’ direct question of “what is a woman?“. Perhaps he’ll save that for a future bout. For now, Guido leaves it, as always, for co-conspirators to decide the victor…

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