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It looks like Team Rishi has another hustings headache this morning. After some good news from CCHQ, who it’s emerged will now allow members to vote twice and only count the last-received vote, Sunak will have been planning on gaining the advantage during the party’s regional hustings. Which have now been declared as:

28th July: Leeds; 1st Aug: Exeter; 3rd Aug: Cardiff; 5th Aug: Eastbourne; 9th Aug: Darlington*; 11th Aug: Cheltenham; 16th Aug: Perth; 17th Aug: Northern Ireland; 19th Aug: Manchester; 23rd Aug: Birmingham; 25th Aug: Norwich; 31st Aug: London.

*To clarify for Team Rishi, this is Darlington, England.

There may now be a turnout problem with these debates, however. During a cost of living crisis the Tories have decided to charge for attendance, potentially putting off those interested in seeing the two candidates perform.

Much like CCHQ’s new fee for press to attend conference, it looks like the cost of living crisis is also hurting the Tory Party. We’re all in this together…

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