Woke Mandarins Heavily Pressuring Fast Stream Recruits to Declare Pronouns mdi-fullscreen

With the Civil Service Fast Stream programme frozen this year, mandarins are running out of time to force their politics onto new recruits. They’re not wasting a second. New screenshots sent to Guido reveal the current crop of Fast Streamers – the last before the freeze – are being pressured to include their pronouns in contact forms. According to Guido’s sources, this form was sent to all Fast Streamers across Whitehall…

When Guido reported on a similar story within the Home Office a few weeks back, a spokesperson told Guido this was all entirely voluntary. Note here how those choosing not to play ball are gently reminded how regressive they’re really being. Of course, this is just par for the course in Whitehall; time and again, Guido hears government sources say it’s just “woke rubbish” that needs to stop, and yet here are…

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