Extinction Rebellion Attack News UK Over Heatwave Coverage

Extinction Rebellion is back once again to smash a few windows and waste everybody’s time. Today it’s News UK’s turn to put up with them, with two eco-loons dispatched to the baby Shard this morning, hammers and chisels in hand, to go about their vital work saving the planet by spraying graffiti on the pavement. Furious about the heatwave, the loons have now finally taken up arms against The Sun itself…

According to their own press release – which describes smashing windows as “carefully cracking” them – they’ve attacked News UK in response to “the media’s coverage of the current heatwave”. Apparently the press, particularly The Sun, just hasn’t sufficiently warned the public about the weather. Without doom-laden headlines to remind us, how would we even know it’s hot outside? Would we even remember to drink water if the Guardian didn’t tell us?

Guido’s had a look through the last few front pages from both the Sun and the Times. Here’s what they looked like:

In the last four days, the Times has warned of heatwave “chaos“, issued a “red alert“, said the NHS may struggle under pressure, and claimed rail tracks are melting. The Sun, meanwhile, has quite literally splashed with “BRITAIN IS MELTING“. In Extinction Rebellion’s defence, it is possible they simply can’t read.

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