Ed Davey’s Fracking Hypocrisy

Amongst the trials and tribulations of the Tory leadership contest, the minor parties have had to do more to reclaim some share of the media spotlight. It is in this context that the Liberal Democrats have tried to weigh in, with Ed Davey calling on all candidates to support a fracking ban. This looks like an attempt to stick up for the faux environmentalism of home county NIMBYs…

What Ed Davey has failed to mention in making his newly articulated tree-hugging pitch to Surrey SUV drivers is his own past enthusiasm for the very thing he’s opposing. While serving as Energy Secretary, the LibDem leader was amongst the biggest advocates of the fracking industry. Speaking in 2012 as a member of the coalition government, Ed proclaimed “There is an awful lot of nonsense talked about fracking… I love shale gas”. He also voted against plans to ban fracking. Clearly Davey is desperate to disavow his legacy in government to appease the climate critics, even if it means opposing measures to bring down fuel prices. It’s not exactly the first time the Liberal Democrats have switched positions when they think it suits them…

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