Rishi’s Pledge to “Scrap or Reform EU Law in 100 Days” Contradicts His Treasury’s Claims mdi-fullscreen

Yesterday the Sunday papers were briefed in time to give Rishi a boost ahead of tonight’s ITV debate, in a press release headlined:


Action on the issue that vexes Tories so much, the Brexit reform dividend. The press release impressively promises:

  • As Prime Minister, he would appoint a Brexit Minister and task them to review all of the remaining 2,400 EU laws on the statute book.
  • The first set of recommendations as to whether these laws should be scrapped or changed would be made within the first 100 days.

This seems doable, it is actually what Jacob Rees Mogg was doing and Iain Duncan Smith had done a lot of the ground work (see here). The press release further pledges:

  • Mr Sunak has set out how he will scrap or reform all the EU law and bureaucracy still holding back Britain’s economy by the next election.

The next election is in 2024 at the latest. In a Bloomberg scoop from Alex Wickham it has emerged that the Treasury under his leadership, writing to Liz Truss, said that reforming EU taxes was desirable but probably not deliverable by 2026:

In the debate on Friday, Rishi looked into the camera and promised to be straight with the British people, no more “fairy tales about taxes”. The Treasury under his leadership said it couldn’t scrap or reform EU taxes by 2026, never mind 100 days.  This pledge seems to be one of those fairy tales about taxes… 

UPDATE: Jacob Rees-Mogg says in response to the pledge “This is a surprising promise as the Treasury under his leadership was insisting that taxation was exempt from the removal of EU law.” Team Rishi in response to the Bloomberg article tell Guido it is deliverable by 2024, despite the Treasury last month saying it isn’t doable by 2026. Perhaps he will clear up how in the debate tonight… 

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