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This morning Rishi Sunak has successfully won the leadership endorsement none of the candidates wanted: from the Chinese Government’s propaganda outfit. Global Times has published an article entitled “China-UK ties ‘might improve’ with arrival of new PM”; subheading, “Most candidates are tough on Beijing, but ‘pragmatic’ one wins first round”. In the piece, Beijing’s mouthpiece notes concern that, despite Rishi winning among MPs, party members might vote for a rival candidate because of tax policy…

“Former chancellor of the exchequer (finance minister) Rishi Sunak, the one candidate with a pragmatic view of developing balanced ties with China, has won the first round of voting by MPs.”

“When Sunak was the finance minister in July 2021, he used his annual Mansion House speech to insist that Britain should beef up its trading relationship with China”

“Apart from Sunak, almost all of the other candidates hold a very tough stance on China”

Given Truss is making a huge deal about her Foreign Office time, and hawkishness towards Britain’s enemies, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. Guido asked Sunak’s team for comment, though hasn’t heard back. Foreign affairs and security are not RIshi’s strong points, Tom Tugendhat and Ben Wallace have both already made coded attacks on taking a spreadsheet approach to security…

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