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David Davis looked rather worse-for-wear during his Sky News interview this morning. Davis had the honour of being invited to Penny Mordaunt’s glitzy Westminster Party last night, a relaunch of her book well-timed to coincide with her second place success in yesterday’s leadership vote-off. Guido hears Davis had a steaming time at Penny’s party, so perhaps today’s look isn’t wholly unrelated. Penny’s party was ‘Best of British’ themed, though thankfully I Vow To Thee wasn’t blasted on repeat. Among the VIP guestlist included a Joanna Lumley impersonator, Peter Rabbit, Paddington and strongmen acrobats. There were amusing scenes as a man ran around snatching people’s drinks as they posed for photos, thanks to a ‘no alcohol with the children’s characters’ policy…

Down the road, another party was being held – almost as much of a Penny love-in as her own SW1 bash. A source reveals Remainer-in-Chief Amber Rudd held a dinner party last night, among those in attendance were Karen Bradley, Stephen Hammond and a raft of other remainers. Word reaches Guido that those present were, surprisingly, singing Penny’s praises. Rather than Rishi, the coterie of Brexit-bashers want Penny in the final two against Liz Truss, as they believe she’s the best hope of beating Liz and therefore avoiding continued rows with the EU over Northern Ireland. Given – as Steve Baker said the other day – she refused to resign from May’s Cabinet over BRINO, they also reckon she may be more amenable to their pro-EU demands. Hardly the endorsement she’d want…

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