Starmer Confirms Labour Formally Has No Policies, Extolls Virtues of Changing His Mind

Keir Starmer has formally confirmed to The New Statesman that Labour has no policies. Following the government stealing Labour’s windfall tax policy, pundits have been scrambling around trying to find any concrete proposals from Labour to scrutinise, and today Starmer has clarified the party’s 2019 manifesto no longer exists as a foundation of Labour policy. Speaking to Rachel Wearmouth today he said “What we’ve done with the last manifesto is put it to one side. We’re starting from scratch. The slate is wiped clean.” Once again Sir Keir proves that he lied to Corbynite Labour members to get their vote in 2020 and never meant a word of it…

This trashing of the 2019 manifesto stands in stark contrast to his rallying cry during the 2020 leadership election, when he said

“Jeremy Corbyn made our party the party of anti-austerity and he was right to do so. He made us the party that wanted to invest more heavily in our public services and he was right to do so. We must retain that. We build on that and don’t trash it as we move forward.”

Starmer also boasts that changing his views is the key to political success, something he’s obviously put to good use while shifting the goalposts over his own Beergate fate:

“If you don’t change your views as you experience life, then you’re probably not going to get very far

“People sort of drag out something that you said 40 years ago and say ‘Well, you’ve changed your mind about that.’ Course I have. I have changed my mind on loads of things – that’s because I’ve done loads of things.”

You hardly have to go back 40 years. Guido’s already done a comprehensive guide to how he’s smashed up all 10 of his leadership pledges, and that’s without mentioning Brexit…

Going further on the point of changing his mind, Starmer point blank refused to confirm that Labour would scrap university tuition fees or raise taxes on the top 5% of earners. Does Starmer refuse to release policy because he doesn’t have any, or because he thinks people won’t believe them?

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