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Germany is now facing a “gas crisis” and is on the brink of ration supplies after Moscow cut its gas exports through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline by 60%. Speaking this morning, German Economic Minister Robert Habeck declared “gas is a scarce commodity” in the country, and warned that energy prices were about to shoot up even higher following Putin’s decision to turn off the taps “as a weapon against Germany“. Germans have already been advised to conserve as much energy as possible, with Habeck warning “every kilowatt hour helps in this situation”…

Now Berlin has raised the alarm by moving to the second stage of its national gas emergency plan, meaning some coal-fired power plants will be restarted and the government will tighten its monitoring of the energy market. Stage three results in full-on rationing. Habeck claimed rationing “shouldn’t happen“,  although he “couldn’t rule it out“. Who’d have thought being Europe’s biggest buyer of cheap Russian gas would cause so many problems?

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