Corbyn’s Project Claims He Was Subject to “The Most Intense Political Assassination in Modern British History” mdi-fullscreen

While we’re waiting on Jezza to pull his finger out and finally decide to reconstitute his ‘Peace & Justice Project’ into a new political party, he’s been busy still not getting over the 2019 election result. Yesterday yet another sore-loser interview was published, with the independent MP once again refusing any blame for Labour’s decimation, and accusing outlets like The Guardian and the BBC of outrageously focusing on his antisemitism crisis:

“I have absolutely no illusions in the Guardian, none whatsoever,” Corbyn tells me. “My mum brought me up to read the Guardian. She said, ‘It’s a good paper you can trust’. You can’t. After their treatment of me, I do not trust the Guardian.”

“He continues: “So was I surprised? No. And I’ve had to live with the behaviour of the Guardian ever since. But the Guardian is in a unique position because it is the paper most read by Labour Party members, is the most important in forming opinion on the centre and left in British politics. And they are very well aware of that, which is why I think an analysis of the Guardian’s treatment of the time that I was leader of the party needs to be made because they and the BBC had more unsourced reporting of anti-semitic criticisms surrounding me than any other paper, including the Mail, The Telegraph and the Sun.””

Off the back of this, the publisher, Declassified UK, makes the following incredibly misjudged assessment:

“The media assault on Corbyn during his tenure as Labour leader from 2015-20 will be recorded as perhaps the most intense political assassination in modern British history.”

An assessment Corbyn’s Peace & Justice Project clearly agrees with, actively picking the quote out when sharing the interview:

Guido suspects the families of Jo Cox and Sir David Amess would disagree with the self-pitying hyperbole…

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