Labour Council Candidate Tells Tories to “Suck My Exceptionally Long Celtic D*ck” mdi-fullscreen

West Sussex County Council are holding a by-election next month for its Worthing West seat. After just a year in post, the previous Labour incumbent has resigned to focus on leading the new Worthing Borough Council, leaving a vacancy for a talented new candidate to step up to the plate. Really important work – the party’s own guidance to potential candidates says they’re on the lookout for people “vision, leadership, integrity, ambition and commitment”…

All attributes perfectly embodied by Labour’s new candidate, ex-secondary school teacher Graham McKnight, who back in 2016 sent these messages to a former Conservative councillor during his election campaign:

Being a Labour councillor is “the greatest privilege“. You must be “hard working, committed and passionate about improving the area you live in“. Presumably you should also threaten to beat up Tories and boast about the size of your member. Apparently he’s now running on a platform of “empathy, honesty, integrity and respect“. Worthing residents go to the polls on 7th July…

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