Downing Street Keep Raab in the Dark over Geidt’s Resignation

Details remain thin on the ground following Lord Geidt’s sudden resignation last night. Having only supposedly asked the PM to stay on for another 6 months on Monday – not to mention appearing in front of a select committee on Tuesday – his sentence-long resignation statement didn’t exactly reveal much. Downing Street are now saying he was “asked to provide advice on a commercially sensitive matter in the national interest”. All this would be much clearer if No.10 actually published Geidt’s full resignation letter…

Instead they’re keeping it so close to their chest even the Deputy Prime Minister doesn’t know what it says, or if it exists at all. Having been sent out on the media round this morning to bat for the government, the best Raab could come up with was hack-level speculation:

“It’s not clear to me at all what the reason is. There are clearly these issues around the commercially sensitive matter which he was engaged on, or asked to advise on. My understanding was that, as of earlier this week, he was hoping to stay on for another six months. He’s obviously had that grilling in front of MPs. So the risk is you’re adding one plus one and getting three.”

Raab added that No.10 will at least provide an update later today. Presumably that’s when he’ll find out what’s going on as well. Still no confirmation of whether they’ll release that letter…

UPDATE: Paymaster General Michael Ellis has confirmed Lord Geidt’s letter, and Boris’s response, will be published in full later today.

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