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Cast your mind back to April when Guido had a full week’s worth of second job hypocrisy stories, courtesy of LBC and the shadow cabinet. During recess, Rachel Reeves, David Lammy and Wes Streeting all agreed to do multi-hour presenting shifts on the station, despite having attacked MPs who spend hours on non-MP work to make extra cash on the side. Reeves, by her own standards and in her own words, was not doing her main job “properly”, Streeting’s LBC gig, in his own words, meant he was disrespecting his electorate. 

Guido’s now consulted the register of members’ interests and noticed a funny discrepancy between the Shadow Chancellor and the Shadow Health Secretary’s entries. Spot the difference:

Reeves, to be fair to her, donated her £600 to charity. Streeting has had no such bout of altruism, pocketing the hypocritical cheque all for himself. Blairites gonna Blairite…

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