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The internal resistance against the Home Office’s Rwanda policy is now spilling out into the open. After Guido revealed civil servants were using an internal forum to discuss ways of undermining the policy โ€“ with some complaining it was affecting their mental health and considering strike action โ€“ the civil service mandarins have now created a Twitter account and campaign page to try and halt deportations ahead of the first flight set for 14th June. This breaking just a day after lefty lawyers announced they were also trying to block the move…

The staffers’ Twitter account, dubbed “Our Home Office“, was set up last month, although it’s only in the last week or so that it’s ramped up its output and started attracting attention. It’s gained around 2,000 new followers in the last 48 hours. As expected, it’s full of self-congratulatory bilge about how “respectful, compassionate, courageous and collaborative” its anonymous members are, and encouraging more civil servants to sign up for its mailing list and join the resistance:

The “repressed world” of the Home Office? These are unelected bureaucrats with a duty to remain impartial and enact government policy. The only people in the department with a democratic mandate are the ministers.

They’re also leaving “refugees welcome” stickers outside Home Office buildings across the country, as if a few love hearts stuck to bins will change government policy.ย Here’s one outside the UK Visa & Immigration centre in Sheffield…

A Home Office source tells Guido:

“The majority of officials are hard working and diligent but currently being undermined by a small cabal determined to frustrate the policies of the government of the day.”

Five days until the first flight is due to take off…

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