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Another rough start to the week for TalkTV. The latest BARB figures show GB News thrashed them in every prime time slot last night, with Farage miles ahead at 99,000 viewers. Piers Morgan Unwatched came in fifth with 42,500. Maybe his upcoming six-week break in the summer will be a chance to recharge the batteries…

Piers was beaten last night by Bev Turner (standing in for Dewbs), Mark Steyn, Dan Wootton, and of course, Nigel. The last 15 minutes of Piers Morgan Unwatched recorded a zero percentage audience share. Turner, as a stand-in presenter, even scored higher than her colleagues broadcasting in the later, usually more popular slots. She got 53,500, while Steyn got 47,900 and Wootton got 44,100.

Meanwhile over in the baby-Shard, Tom Newton Dunn’s Lazarus-like resurgence back into five figure viewership is, sadly, over. Last night only 4,600 people tuned in. At least he did better than Sharon Osborne, who was watched by just 2,200 viewers. Still early days…

UPDATEAn earlier version of this article referenced Michelle Dewberry as the presenter in second place. Bev Turner actually stood in for Dewberry last night. She tweeted “I’m sure Piers Morgan is delighted for me. I couldn’t know because I’m blocked.” Mea culpa…

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