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Unfortunately Guido has upset the Red Guards of the Culture War over at the Treasury again. Following Guido’s story on Friday, revealing how civil servants were being encouraged into Maoist-style policing of each other’s woke-ness – by becoming “critical allies” of the department and making it “clear to everyone around you about where you stand” – a less than amused Executive Management Board (EMB) of the Treasury has today sent a round robin to all staff warning them against ever leaking again, and claiming whoever’s caught will face “disciplinary procedures”. On cue, here’s the statement in full, as leaked by brave civil servants:

“Last week an internal Redbox blog by a member of the Ethnic Diversity Network was leaked to the media. This leak was discussed at EMB, who wanted to remind all staff of our values and that leaking is unacceptable, constitutes misconduct and is subject to our disciplinary procedures.

Frank and open internal communications on the issues that matter to you can only be enabled by trust. Breaching that trust through leaks such as this inhibits debate and makes communication harder for all of us.”

One of Guido’s moles within the department claims there’s no such thing as “internal ‘debate’ or accountability”, and “external pressure is the only way” to resist the ideological groupthink throughout Whitehall. In any case, all this nonsense should be publicly available, not secret. Taxpayers are entitled to know. Any other mandarins who want to come forward should get in touch at team@order-order.com

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