Raab Pushes Back Against BBC’s Petrol Price Cost Gotcha

Dominic Raab clearly didn’t put on his diplomatic hat before heading off for his morning media round. Tensions rose during his BBC Breakfast interview when he was asked the classic cost-of-living gotcha of how much petrol currently costs, managing to get the figure pretty close. Shortly after, however, he turned the question back on Charlie Stayt:

Raab: I’m just checking how in touch you are, because the last time I filled up it was 1.65/1.67.

Stayt: Ok so 1.68 is the latest unleaded price that I’ve seen.

Raab: So I was right!

The usual industry practice if a politician gets the figure right is to acknowledge it and move on. Given current Tory relations with the BBC, this spat will have only added fuel to the fire…

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