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Word reaches Guido that Labour are stepping up their counter-offensive on Beergate. Both LOTO and Mary Kelly Foy, whose constituency office hosted the event, have reportedly sent Durham Police a series of photos this week which Labour are hoping will let Starmer off the hook. This is in addition to the WhatsApp “dossier” the Guardian reported on earlier this month. According to a Labour insider, Southside are spinning that the photos from inside the office on the night of the event will prove everyone was “clearly working [and] tweeting” and will “put everybody in the clear“. Which leads to further questions:

  • Why didn’t Starmer release these photos publicly weeks ago?
  • Why did 20 people need to be in the same room to send tweets?
  • Why was it reported that they deleted contemporaneous tweets from the event?

Of course this also doesn’t explain why Starmer’s maths has been so poor over the last few months either. He could surely take a look at these pictures and count the number of people sharing a korma. Today the Mail also ran a photo of Starmer posing with a football shirt in Foy’s office on the night of the gathering, which would suggest the team weren’t exactly at the coalface all night long… or why they pretended the dinner wasn’t pre-planned. Guido contacted Foy’s office for comment this morning with no response. She has been pretty quiet recently – even missing Levelling Up questions on Tuesday despite being top of the order paper…

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