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Labour MP Khalid Mahmood has been accused by his former staffer and ex-lover of dumping her after she refused to become his second wife, and subsequently firing her after she pointed out a female colleague had been sharing antisemitic messages on Facebook. Elaina Cohen, who worked for Mahmood for 15 years, told a tribunal today that the Birmingham Perry Barr MP was a “racist bully” who “stalked” women online, and unfairly dismissed her after she unveiled evidence that her colleague – a former domestic abuse charity worker named Saraya Hussain – had “sexually exploited and blackmailed” vulnerable women in her care. For his part, Mahmood claims Cohen was just “making life difficult”…

According to Cohen, Mahmood only hired Hussain after “stalking” her on Facebook – apparently earning the nickname “Catfish Khalid“, even though there’s currently no evidence he used a fake profile to woo her. When Cohen brought evidence of Hussain’s alleged antisemitism to Mahmood, he “accused [her] of lying and being jealous”, before ultimately sacking her. The hearing at the London Central Employment Tribunal continues, although today Mahmood’s counsel quite fairly asked why Cohen chose to continue working for him after all the supposed drama. Apparently she hoped he’d “improve“. When your nickname is “Catfish Khalid”, the bar for improvement is probably pretty low…

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