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When London Assembly staff first moved into their new East London home, Guido revealed they were less than pleased with the quality of their working environment. From flooded bathrooms to power cuts, to multiple committee rooms being out of use, Sadiq’s multi-million renovation hardly seemed to have gone to plan. Now, however, LBC has revealed staff don’t have much to worry about as Sadiq is seemingly actively preventing them from working there…

A leaked memo shows that for the 90 civil servants working for the assembly, they have been provided with just nine desks, which must be booked by staff via the intranet. Otherwise they’ll have to sit in ‘drop in centres’…

It’s not just the secretariat facing shortages. Figures from the Mayor’s office show that across the new City Hall building and their continued subletting of the fire brigade’s offices in Southward, there are just 586 total desks for 1096 staff.

Responding to LBC’s other revelation that the assembly as a whole will only meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from now on, Jacob Rees-Mogg noted his amazement that the most popular work-from-home days just happen to be those bordering the weekend: “The idea Monday and Friday have ceased to be full working days is one to be very suspicious about because it indicates some people are using working from home to do less work.” Just what has Sadiq Khan been smoking…

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