Starmer Called for Cummings to Be Sacked Even Before Police Investigation

For all his talk of honour and integrity, it’s amazing how quickly Sir Keir changes his tune when the political winds blow in the wrong direction. Last week he announced he’d resign if, and only if, Durham Police issue him a fine over Beergate. If the Constabulary decides instead to give him the same treatment as Dominic Cummings – a sternly-worded letter and a slap on the wrist – he’s going to do the honourable thing and despite having been found to have broken the law, stick around like nothing happened. Here’s what he said of Cummings back in 2020 – before the police had even launched their investigation:

“This was a huge test of the Prime Minister, and he’s just failed that test. He hasn’t sacked Dominic Cummings, he hasn’t called for an investigation, and he’s treating the British public with contempt… that’s not a reasonable interpretation of the rules, and the Prime Minister knows it. One rule for the Prime Minister’s advisers, another rule for everyone else… If I were Prime Minister, I’d have sacked Cummings.”

One rule for the Prime Minister’s advisers, another for Sir Keir…

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