Marco Longhi: Lock Up Steve Bray in Tower of London

While the parliamentary authorities continue gathering evidence against professional nuisance Steve Bray, Marco Longhi has lost his patience and suggested a new solution for making Whitehall a No-Bray Zone: locking him up in the Tower of London…

Speaking in the Chamber yesterday afternoon alongside Bray’s arch nemesis Lee Anderson, Longhi said:

“I will not dignify his existence by tarnishing Hansard with his name, but there is a noisy man outside who dresses up as a clown and harasses and chases Members of Parliament and our staff from his little camp on the crossing island on Parliament Street. He is someone else who serves no public benefit whatsoever… This person needs to have his loudspeaker system confiscated and to be moved on. Personally, I would like to see him locked up in the Tower with a loudspeaker playing “Land of Hope and Glory” on repeat at maximum volume. The Met really should deal with him.”

Labour’s Lloyd Russell-Moyle intervened to offer swapping offices with Longhi so that “there will be no problem and we will not need to shut down free speech either”. For once, Guido’s almost inclined to agree with Russell-Moyle – putting up with Bray’s squawking is a sign we’re a tolerant democracy. Besides, there are other effective ways of dealing with him…

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