Hyper Gove Denies Emergency Budget with Bizarre Set of Accents

Michael Gove used his morning media round appearance on BBC Breakfast to deny rumours of an imminent emergency budget in one of the strangest ways possible – using a range of over-excitable accents ranging from a 90s radio DJ to Liverpudlian. Guido’s not saying they were bad…

Trying to focus for a moment on what Michael actually said, he accused journalists of “chasing their own tail” with regards to the rumour:

“We are constantly looking at ideas to ensure that we relieve the pressure on people facing incredibly tough times, but that doesn’t amount to an ’emergency budget’, which is what some people immediately thought it did. 

It is an example of some commentators chasing their own tails and trying to take a statement that is commonsensical, turning into a major – capital letters – Big News Story, and when the Treasury quite rightly say ‘calm down’ people instead of recognising that they’ve overinflated the story in the first place, then say ‘oh this is clearly a split’.”

It’s a fair point. Guido just hopes Michael’s aides ensure he puts less sugar in his morning tea ahead of his next broadcast round…

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