Airbus to Invest £100 Million in Broughton Plant #DespiteBrexit

Airbus has announced new plans to invest £100 million in beefing up its Broughton manufacturing plant over the next few years, creating more than 500 jobs at the site as the company ramps up aircraft production as it emerges from the pandemic. We have take-off…

This will be a bit of a surprise to those who believed the Remain campaign’s scaremongering. Guido’s old enough to remember when Will Straw, executive director of “Britain Stronger in Europe”, paraded around with the company’s UK’s president to scaremonger about Brexit and act as though leaving the EU would send the country into a tailspin:

“The success of Airbus Group’s operations in the UK, which depend on European industrial organisation and integration, are a clear demonstration of the economic benefit the UK receives from EU membership. If the UK exits the EU, there are likely to be significant changes to the regulatory and economic environment with subsequent impacts on our competitiveness.”

Airbus even donated to the losing anti-Brexit campaign, George Osborne would tour the Airbus facilities, hard hat and high-vis jacket and all, to pretend the UK’s access to the single market was what allowed all that investment to happen. In an interview with Andrew Neil, he even brandished a part from a plane wing and claimed those parts might not even be manufactured in the UK if we left the EU. He sat there bickering with Neil, prop in hand, acting as though the planes might fall out of the sky without access the single market. The lies they told…

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